Harnessing The Power of Blue Roof Systems in Stormwater Management.

Harnessing Green and Blue Roof Systems as a Sustainable Change.

Rooted in our core values, our approach to developing and implementing Green and Blue Roof systems challenges conventional norms. Rather than viewing these technologies as mere solutions to the urban landscape, we see them as catalysts for revolutionary change in the built environment. Within the dynamic realm of sustainable architecture, Blue Roofs stand out as a transformative force in green stormwater infrastructure, presenting a comprehensive strategy for water governance while advancing ecological sustainability.

Recently installed Blue/Green Roof at 150 West 4th, Vancouver. A progressive celebration between urban density, sustainability, best practices, and design partnerships.


Revolutionizing Stormwater Management with Blue Roofs in Vancouver.

At 150 West 4th, together DAYHU, Villa Roofing, Connect LA, Lark Group, TKA+D, and Architek Group of Companies (also maintains) have introduced the latest addition to the Olympic Village area. Blue Roofs represent a groundbreaking approach to stormwater management, characterized by their capacity to detain and effectively manage stormwater runoff. These innovative roofing systems have garnered attention for their remarkable effectiveness in mitigating the impacts of urban flooding and alleviating strain on conventional drainage infrastructure.

Unlike traditional roofs, Blue Roofs are meticulously designed to serve as temporary reservoirs for rainwater, allowing for the gradual release of accumulated water over time or redirecting it for beneficial reuse. This ingenious approach not only relieves pressure on stormwater systems but also serves to replenish groundwater reserves and promote the overall health of local ecosystems.

Simplistic drawing proposal for the city of Vancouver when explaining where the Green/Blue roof installation locations will be on 150 West 4th.


Furthermore, as per the City of Vancouver Rainwater Management Bulletin, our Blue Roof system at 150 West 4th aligns with stringent targets set by municipal authorities. These measures include capturing and retaining or detaining the initial 24 millimeters of rainfall, reducing post-development runoff flow rates during significant storm events, and removing a minimum of 80% of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) from highly polluted areas.


Detailed cross section and the seamless integration when Green and Blue roofs come together.


In essence, our Blue Roof installation at 150 West 4th embodies a paradigm shift in stormwater management practices, offering a sustainable and effective solution to the challenges posed by urbanization. By embracing innovation and integrating advanced technologies, we are proud to contribute to the creation of resilient and environmentally conscious urban spaces across Canada.


Installation of the water retention and passive irrigation Blue/Green roof Permavoid water management system.


Elevating Stormwater Management with Green Infrastructure.

Incorporating elements of green stormwater infrastructure, such as vegetated roofs and permeable pavements specific to the region it is installed, further amplifies the effectiveness of Green Roofs and Blue Roofs. These green interventions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of urban spaces but also improve water quality by filtering pollutants and reducing the volume of runoff entering water bodies.

A high-performance water retention and passive irrigation system build-up, allowing for high levels of stormwater retention and reduction of water use for irrigation.


The Role of Advanced Stormwater Management Systems.

Stormwater management systems leverage innovative technologies, such as rainwater collection systems and automated water management systems, to optimize water usage and minimize waste. By harnessing the power of data and automation, cities can achieve greater efficiency in water management, reducing reliance on finite water resources and mitigating the risk of water scarcity.

Embracing the Blue-Green Roof Paradigm.

The convergence of Blue Roofs, Permavoid systems, and green stormwater infrastructure epitomizes the blue-green roof paradigm—an integrated approach to sustainable urban development that prioritizes water management and environmental stewardship. Cities can transform rooftops into dynamic ecosystems that capture and utilize rainwater

The integration of Green and Blue Roofs and advanced stormwater management techniques represents a shift in urban water management. By harnessing the power of innovation and collaboration, cities can build resilient landscapes that adapt to the challenges of climate change. Architek Group of Companies believes that a design assist partnership while using multiple, high-performance technologies, is the best and most effective approach for site water management.


Together this project was created with:



General ContractorLark Group

Roofing contractor – Villa Roofing

Architect – TKA+D

Landscape ArchitectConnect LA

Architeck Group of Companies
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