Building Biophilic Designs from the beginning.

Vertical Gardens in the heart of the city.

For a building to come to life, many moving parts work in unison, and each of these parts learn to depend on each other. We, as mentioned, work alongside many collaborators to infuse life in the city through our green roofs, blue roofs, living walls and biophilic designs. While skillful at integrating solutions into ongoing projects, our true passion lies in being embedded from the very beginning of a development project. #bakedIn

Render from Merrick Architecture for 410 West Georgia Vancouver.

Render from Merrick Architecture for 410 West Georgia Vancouver.

410 West Georgia Living Walls & Webnet.

When we are onboarded from the initial steps of envisioning a building, we effortlessly weave our solutions into the design, concept and installation processes, making the living biophilic design an integral part of the structure. However, our expertise doesn’t stop there; many seek us out for our ability to adapt and adjust green roofs to projects already in motion. Whether we’re there from day one or stepping in mid-process, we approach crafting our biophilic designs with delicacy, expertise, and meticulous attention. Elevating these green havens from the ground up, we ensure they harmonize with the city, nature, and flourish in every way. In the heart of the business district 410 West Georgia building was completed in 2022 by Westbank Corp. Architek and Rope + Cable worked in conjunction with the Merrick Architecture and Austin Metal Fabricators to install the stainless steel guardrail with the Jakob C-Channel connections, T-clips and webnet, these were installed throughout 19 balconies and the rooftop as shown in the video below.


Jakob C-Channel Connection Webnet with T-Clips.

A noteworthy aspect of the building was our installation of stainless steel guardrails featuring Jakob C-Channel connections and webnet products. This deliberate choice serves a dual purpose: contributing to the building’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Performance certification and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the structure. The webnet, a product from Rope + Cable Canada the main distributor of Jakob Rope systems in Canada. These cables are particularly remarkable for their low maintenance requirements and remarkable versatility, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

In comparison to glass railings, the webnet provides a safer environment for birds by enabling them to distinguish their surroundings and avoid collisions. The use of webnets significantly reduces the likelihood of bird strikes that might occur with traditional glass railings. This thoughtful consideration aligns with our commitment to creating a sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally conscious architectural masterpiece. The inclusion of these webnets not only fulfills sustainability goals but also prioritizes the safety of wildlife.


Ensuring the continuous upkeep and enhancement of the Boston Ivy creating living walls throughout the structure.

Ensuring the continuous upkeep and enhancement of the Boston Ivy creating living walls throughout the structure.

Vertical Garden Systems.

Beyond the installation of stainless steel guardrails, Architek took on the responsibility of introducing living walls throughout the structure, featuring the hardy Boston Ivy plant. Specifically chosen for its resilience in the West Coast climate, Boston Ivy complements the building’s square and flat walls, presenting an ideal canvas for the ivy to gracefully ascend over time.

To ensure the longevity and visual harmony of this green feature, Architek has implemented a meticulous maintenance routine. Twice a year, skilled professionals from Architek engage in rope access techniques, carefully tending to the ivy. This process involves cutting back and securing the plant to the building’s structure, a proactive measure to guarantee its continued health and seamless integration with the overall beauty of the architecture. This dedication to ongoing maintenance underscores our commitment to not just architectural aesthetics but also the sustainable vitality of the living elements within our design.


Utilizing rope access techniques to meticulously maintain and enhance the Boston Ivy adorning the entire structure.

Utilizing rope access techniques to meticulously maintain and enhance the Boston Ivy adorning the entire structure.

At Architek, we firmly believe in the inherent potential for greatness within every project, irrespective of its origin.

Our overarching goal is to not merely participate in the creation of buildings but to actively contribute to their growth and innovation. This philosophy reflects our broader perspective on cities as ecosystems, where each entity, including us, plays a pivotal role in shaping their trajectory. We advocate for a symbiotic relationship between a building and its urban surroundings. Rather than imposing upon the city, a building should serve a purpose, seamlessly integrating with its environment.

Recognizing the power of purposeful functions, we strive to enhance the vibrancy of our cities. As solution providers, it is to unlock the latent potential within each structure we engage with. It’s not just about completion; it’s about elevating each building to become a testament to efficiency, beauty, and sustainability. This approach underscores our commitment to transforming every project into a dynamic and harmonious element within the urban landscape.

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