Powell River

The Powell River Wastewater Treatment Plant features six unique green roofs within a beautiful ocean setting, delivering a calm mix of industrial with natures elements.

Each green roof has a different slope that required distinctive engineered solutions.


The engineered sloped green roofs were featured on more than half the buildings, and Architek used our Eco Sedum tray to retain water and provide erosion control for grow media and plants. This design has specifically positioned shear barriers to hold the trays, soil, and plants in place.


Strong knowledge of building envelope standards and coordination with waterproofing crews and contractor onsite to ensure proper supports were put in place.


Regular visits to ensure supplementary irrigation is provided. Maintaining green roof to ensure no invasive weeds grow deep in the membrane.

Challenges / Solutions

Ensuring green roof was correctly coordinated with contractor to ensure that craning was done in at the correct time. Highly sophisticated engineered components went into the sloped green roofs.

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