The integral Role of Spring Maintenance: Successes in the growth of Biophilic Design.

Enhancing Environmental Sustainability through Green Roof Advantages.

As winter fades and spring emerges, we at Architek Group of Companies are thrilled to see our verdant green roof projects bloom anew. We eagerly revisit last season’s work, observing the transformation nurtured through the dormant months. In alliance with Hybrid Access Inc., we’re committed to the meticulous care of our installations, from climbing vines on fifty-story buildings to sedum green roofs. This dedication not only defines us but also advances our vision of integrating nature into green roofs, living walls, green facades, and vertical gardens, showcasing the vibrant growth that springs from the quiet of winter and reflects on the core of our identity and our vision for integrating the biophilic world within urban landscapes.


Located in the Lougheed Area, we collaboratively care for climbing vines with Hybrid Access Inc.

Emphasizing Green Roof Maintenance for Sustained Efficacy.

The maintenance of green roofs or vertical gardens is indispensable to their enduring success and sustainability year-round. Regular oversight ensures that they persist in delivering their intended ecological and social benefits, from effective stormwater management to fostering biodiversity, not to mention the beauty that they bring to the urban environment as we have mentioned in our past posts. Notably, the maintenance of sedum green roofs, albeit known for their low upkeep, necessitates periodic evaluations to maintain the health and vitality of the vegetation.


Since 2018, Architek has remediated and maintained this living wall on 70th & Granville.


Whether it’s a project that we’ve been #bakedIn since day one with the design, installation and maintenance, or its a project we’ve inherited due to our positive reputation and high level of expertise within the biophilic realm of the industry each project is unique, these all require a specific program that is never routine – we place a high important on the evaluation of our client’s projects and ensure that with each progress report, they are kept well informed as to how their biophilic architecture is successfully growing.

Grande Villa Casino, Burnaby, BC. Living Wall.

Biophilic Design Spring Ready Blooming.

We stress the importance of gearing up and implementing a spring readiness routine, which includes pre-preparation and a focus on the total health of the completed project. We believe this to be crucial for maintaining the biophilic design’s durability and effectiveness where the project was built. We consistently highlight the importance of conducting comprehensive inspections of drainage systems to prevent water buildup and potential damage.

Evaluating the health of the vegetation is also imperative; this includes examining plant health and addressing any issues related to pests, diseases, or soil nutrient deficiencies to preserve the roof’s ecological balance and aesthetic appeal. Keeping an eye on the soil or growing medium’s nutrient content is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment that promotes strong plant growth over time. Once the risk of frost has passed, it’s an ideal opportunity to get an affordable, lab-grade analysis of your soil or growing medium.


Additionally, repairing any structural impairments, such as cracks or leaks in the waterproof membrane, is vital to protect the underlying structure. Our proactive maintenance approach enhances performance in stormwater management, removing foreign or invasive plants that have landed over the fall and winter seasons, temperature regulation, and habitat provision, solidifying its role as a sustainable asset within the urban environment. If you want to read even more about the importance of proactive green roof maintenance, Living Architecture Publication said it very well in 2023 or you can attend the Grey To Green Conference 2024.


Beautiful vegetation shining through getting ready for the spring sunshine at Glen Eagles Project.

Understanding the Bigger Picture of Costs with Green Roofs.

With spring, also comes the moment to assess if it is time to install a new project. Temperature determines if the plants are ready to be planted, but before we even think about planting, there are three pivotal pieces to understand when designing or creating a Green Roof, Vertical Garden or Green Facade.

  1. Design: Knowing the intricacies ensures that the structure meets both aesthetic and functional requirements, such as biodiversity support, recreational space, or stormwater management. It dictates the selection of vegetation, substrate layers, and drainage systems, directly influencing the roof’s or building’s ecological impact and usability. This is why our team at Architek Group of Companies has the largest amount of Green Roof Professionals (GRP’S) in Canada, we understand the Vancouver Water Strategy and the FLL Green Roof Guidelines. A large part of why we align so tightly with our friends at
  2. Weight: Green roofs add significant load to a building’s structure. Assessing this is crucial to ensure the building can support the green roof or vertical garden without compromising structural integrity. It helps in planning reinforcements if needed, and in selecting the needed materials that align with the building’s load-bearing capacity.
  3. Pricing: This is a large variable for budgeting and financial planning. It encompasses initial installation costs, materials, maintenance, and potential savings on energy costs and stormwater fees. An accurate cost assessment helps stakeholders make informed decisions, ensuring the project is financially viable and sustainable in the long term.

We understand that these are large pieces of the puzzle that make up the concept. That’s why we emphasize that we join the conversation from the beginning of the process, this is why our preference is to be #bakedin. Collaborating on the design, installation, and maintenance enables us to gain comprehensive insights and deliver optimal solutions.


Architek, in partnership with Barry Simpson Architects, enhanced a luxury waterfront home in West Vancouver with spectacular green roofs and driveway water management.

Design, Install and Maintain Green Roofs and Biophilic Design.

In the confluence of biophilic design and sustainable practices, Green Roofs, Vertical Gardens and Green Facades emerge as a testament to our commitment to a greener future. Navigating the complexities behind the design, weight, and pricing with an intentional thought process, creates a space for collaborative discussions and a place for our team to be bakedin into the entire project. Architek Group of Companies, not only elevates the aesthetic and ecological facets of urban landscapes but also underscores the critical importance of meticulous maintenance for enduring success.

As we transition into the lushness of spring, our endeavours in green roofing and vertical gardening stand as vibrant pillars of sustainability. This dedication to advancing urban sustainability exemplifies a forward-thinking approach, intentional design and knowledge-focused strategies, ensuring our collective journey towards a biodiverse, sustainable, and harmonious urban existence continues to flourish.

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