A cutting edge green roof that featured an extensive amount of biodiversity than any previous Architek project. This meadow style green roof with native flowers and grasses is an incredible hotspot for pollinators, insects, and more.

 The square footage of this project was more than an acre in size spread over several green roofs.


This green roof contains 6 inches of grow media with a Soprema Ecovent drain board. The wildflowers and grasses were hydroseeded to ensure full coverage with verdant green vegetation.


This installation required collaboration multiple parties from multiple trades including roofing, craning, hydroseeding, general contractor, and more.


Maintenance was done with both ancient and modern tools. The European Scythe was used to mow down meadow grasses in Fall along with electric trimmers. Applications of compost extract has helped the plants to thrive and provide abundant flowers and greenery.

Challenges / Solutions

Ongoing care of plants has given us stronger knowledge of a diverse array of plants on green roofs.

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