Golden Ears Pump Station

The Golden Ears Pump Station features a unique artistic design on the extensive green roof. With four differently coloured sedum mats the green roof has an artistic style that required our team of installers to execute.

Architek has a deep understanding of the requirements for municipal industrial buildings.


The green roof had used a Diadrain H40 drain board, engineered grow media, and a complex planting pattern with diverse colours of sedums.


Required high degree of skill to execute sedum design. Grow media was augmented with high organic matter compost to boost the plants.


Ongoing maintenance has included removal of invasive plants that can cause problems to the building envelope and application of beneficial microorganisms and nutrients with compost extract.

Challenges / Solutions

Working with site to find best practices for installation to ensure long-term health of plants. Proper sequencing with general contractor to ensure that plants were not walked on.

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