How Architek Assists in Revolutionizing Biophilic Design Architecture

Arbutus Street Green Roof by Architek Group of Companies

The Green Blueprint: How does Architek assist with the biophilic design of the living architecture together with Architects?

As we said in our last blog post, it all starts with a conversation. Here at Architek Group of Companies, we understand that Urbanization is at its peak, and we need to change our cities to accommodate for the ever-growing masses and climate change. With this rapid transformation comes both opportunities and challenges. An alliance between our Urban Planners and the complexities of nature is crucial for adapting our cities to the future and addressing growing issues. Architek serves as a mediator between the organized world of humans and the unpredictable laws of nature.



By merging these two worlds through aesthetics and functionality, innovation and sustainability, we aim to create a win-win situation that will alleviate the problems that cities have encountered by initially excluding nature. While challenges arose in the urban landscape, Architek sees an opportunity to build new designs with project stakeholders, such as architects, landscape architects, developers and general contractors. Together begin to rethink our cities into ecosystems for sustainable development and climate change.



Building a Concept Together.

As our conversation progresses with project stakeholders, we build on the concept together, looking at the specific details of the building construction, for example; would the structure hold the full weight of a green roof. We examine every detail and how to integrate the roof system into the type of roof required for the design. We also take into a huge consideration the climate of the region, as most of us know the temperatures can vary widely across Canada.

With this in mind, the conversation also encompasses the engineering details of the project and using the right components to the system that will deliver a robust sensible installation. Using the goals of the client, Architek and the architects build and design a system that will be the most sensible, economical and suitable for the project at hand.



Building the Future, Naturally with Sustainable Development.

Architek’s primary role isn’t merely to assist with project stakeholders but to elevate together. We aren’t here to dictate what architects, contractors or developers should do, but to illuminate the myriad of sustainable possibilities that can seamlessly merge with the designs. The partnership between Architek and the valuable professional that we work with is meant to be transformational.

By deeply understanding the project stakeholder’s vision, we can recommend green solutions that accentuate and complement the building’s purpose and aesthetic. Armed with expertise, data-driven insights, and a rich knowledge base on how natural solutions can enhance a structure’s value, both in terms of capital, community and climate change, we become architects of a greener future.



Nature’s Symphony: Tackling Environmental Challenges in Urban Areas.

The bare grey surfaces of our concrete world were never suspected to one day be at the heart of our issues. They protect, keep us warm, and provide homes, and in this matter, they fulfilled their roles. Unfortunately, they have never been thoroughly considered through the lens of nature’s elements. Our cities are not exempt from the harsh realities of our climate, the power of the sun, or the science of echoes. Surprisingly enough, green roofs offer an easy solution to address nearly all of the problems that the materials of our cities have raised:

  1. Breathing Easier with Cleaner, Cooler Air: Green roofs act as the lungs of a building. They absorb pollutants and release fresh oxygen, purifying the surrounding air. Additionally, they combat urban heat island effect, ensuring buildings remain cooler naturally, which can in turn help with climate change.
  2. A Serene Shield Against Noise: In bustling cities, noise pollution becomes a given. Green roofs mitigate this by serving as acoustic buffers. Their dense layers of soil and plants absorb and deflect sounds, making urban spaces notably quieter.
  3. Elevating Moods and Boosting Energy: This could be called “nature therapy,” it’s well-documented that nature has a therapeutic effect on the human psyche. Green roofs provide an oasis in urban jungles, aiding in mental rejuvenation. This not only elevates mood but can also lead to increased energy and productivity, especially in business environments.



Vancouver’s Verdant Vision.

In Vancouver, the green revolution is evident. With an increasing number of multi-family residential projects incorporating green roofs as accessible amenity spaces, the city recognizes the multifaceted benefits of these ecosystems. Beyond the obvious health advantages of cleaner air and reduced noise, these spaces also foster community bonding.

There’s a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. The introduction of natural elements, such as plants and vegetation, counteracts urban stressors, providing both a visual and experiential reprieve. And it’s not just about personal well-being. Incorporating green elements amplifies a building’s aesthetic value, softening urban skylines and introducing varied sensory experiences.


Arbutus Ridge Blocks A & B, Vancouver, BC.


Architek’s mission resonates beyond just facilitating green solutions. We aim to redefine urban living, to craft spaces that are as nurturing as they are innovative working together with architects to achieve this. As Vancouver and other cities globally recognize the transformative power of blending architecture with nature, Architek Group of Companies stands ready to guide the next wave of sustainable development marvels. Because a building isn’t just about walls and roofs; it’s about creating habitats where both nature and humanity can flourish.


Changing the urban landscape with sustainable, energy-efficient solutions that bring nature’s tranquil beauty to modern structures

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