Green Facades

Green facades provide better air quality, noise damping and natural beauty. People love the vitality these living landscapes bring to the buildings they live in, work in and recreate in.

Living facades can maximize a project’s green space with a minimum-sized footprint, creating a living landscape where it was not thought possible. They are both low-cost and low-maintenance in comparison to other greening options.

Architecturally designed green facades create eye-catching designs that can make a project stand out from the pack. They simultaneously improve the local environment, and increase the desireability of the building.

Benefits of Green Facades

Living facades offer economic, environmental and physiological benefits:

  • Building Profile Beautification
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Biodiversity & Habitat
  • Acoustic Buffering
  • Biophilic Design and Our Health
  • Increased Thermal Insulation

Research shows that the health and well being of patients or students in institution buildings is s significantly improved when the building has extensive green spaces.

Benefits of Green Facades

Green roofs provide numerous benefits, in numerous categories, including economic returns, cleaner, cooler air and reduced noise. Their beauty and serenity can even improve your mood, energy level and general satisfaction. For a business, that means happier, more productive employees.

Where Green Facades Are Used

Green facades usually do not require any extra structural requirements. They are most commonly attached to concrete walls, but can attach to almost anything, or even be free-standing.

  • Exteriors + Interiors
  • Retail + Office Environments
  • Residential Projects
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Tennis Courts and Golf Courses
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Hotels an Restaurants
  • Schools and Hospitals
  • Highway Improvements
  • Parking Structures
  • Living Tapestries on Walls
  • Fencing
  • Roof Top Gardens
  • Creating Enclosures
  • Security
  • Privacy Screening
  • Graffiti Protection

Installation & Maintenance Costs

Costs are varied depending on the project, but on average the cost for installing a green facade system, complete with plants, is $25 – $30 per sq ft. Once installed, the annual maintenance is minimal – primarily just basic plant care.

Green Facades vs. Living Walls

Green facades differ from “living walls”. A green facade uses a trellis system to hold the vines of plants that are rooted in the ground; whereas in a living wall the plants are rooted in the wall modules.

The simplicity of a green facade makes it significantly less expensive to purchase, install and maintain. Very little infrastructure is required, so green facades are ideal for upgrading existing structure, such as parking garages, highway supports, buildings, etc.

Architek’s Green Facade Products

Architek provides design assistance, installation and maintenance for two types of green facade systems.

Panel Trellis System

Greenscreen® is a three dimensional, welded wire trellising system. The panel's depth creates a "captive growing space" for supporting plants.

The distinctive modular trellis panel is the building block of the greenscreen system. The rigid, lightweight panels are 2" or 3" thick, 4' wide, and 6', 8', 10', 12' or 14' tall.

The panels can also be mounted between posts, making it easy to create green fences, gazebos or free-standing screens.

Cable Trellis System

The Jakob system utilizes a series of tensioned stainless steel cables mounted vertically or horizontally between stainless steel spacers. The cables provide a conduit for vines to climb upward, creating a living facade.

Jakob's hardware is very flexible; it can be applied in any fashion the designer wishes, including diagonals. The stainless steel makes for a sophisticated look and has proven its reliability in Europe over many decades.

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Full-service living building solutions including: green roofs, living walls, green facades and building site water management systems.

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Why Architek

Architek is recognized as the leader for Living Architecture in Canada. Our expertise and services in the green building industry include:

Certified Green Roof Professionals on staff
Extensive experience with green roofs of all types and complexity
Reputation for reliability and professional onsite management
Design and specification services for architects and landscape designers
A wide range of installation and maintenance services
We offer a full warranty on our green roofs

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