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A | Jakob Stainless Steel Architectural Hardware

Architek offers a wide variety of stainless steel architectural hardware from Jakob Rope Systems including:

  • Webnet in numerous sizes for railings and exterior facades.
  • Cable for architectural features and structural support.
  • Connecting hardware.

Applications include: 

  • Architectural staircase and balcony or patio railing infill systems.
  • Cable support for overhead canopies and architectural columns or beams.
  • A variety of connecting hardware for structural or non-structural elements.

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B | Large scale planter boxes by Old Town Fiberglass.

These unique planters offer a significant weight advantage over typical stone/earthenware fixtures. This allows the use of of multiple large planters on roof structures that would not be able to support the excessive weight load of stone. Now you can design a colorful lively community space with the advantage of larger trees to provide shade and partitioning.

When custom colors are specified, Old Town Fiberglass has a color match department that is second to none. They have also developed a unique sand texture that has become extremely popular with landscape architects. This finish offers the beauty of traditional precast concrete or stone with the handling ease of light weight fiberglass.

Old Town Fiberglass has also developed techniques for manufacturing waterproof fiberglass planter liners, on-site, for extremely large and unusually shaped planters and water features.

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C | Solar Base from Zinco

Green Roofs and Solar Energy

A flat roof is a prime location for a solar energy system, as the solar modules can be efficiently adjusted to the correct angle optimum orientation. It is a misconception that one has to decide between a green roof and a solar system. With the right system, significant synergies are achieved when combining both.

With its Solar Base system, ZinCo incorporates solar energy into green roof systems for generating electricity (photovoltaic) or for heating/hot water applications (solar thermal).

The height of the Solar Base Frames creates distance between the substrate layer and the solar panels, providing the plants with enough sunlight and rainwater, and easy access for maintenance.

Ballast Provided by the Green Roof Build-up

One important synergy effect shows at the construction stage. The ZinCo solar build-up consists of a protection and drainage layer, Solar Base panels and Solar Base Frames. The panels are covered with growing media and vegetation. The combined weight of the media and plants provides the ballast required by the solar energy system to deal with wind loads.

Thanks to this favourable ballast principle, roof membrane penetrations that would usually be necessary for anchoring a standard system are not required.

Enhanced Performance of Photovoltaic Modules

The performance of photovoltaic modules depends on the temperature of the modules and the surrounding ambient air temperature. The rule of thumb is: "the warmer the module, the lesser the performance". Unfortunately, modules heat up considerably as a result of solar radiation and are further impaired by a hot roof surface (bare waterproofing membrane or gravel).

When combined with a green roof, solar modules can perform better through the cooling effect caused by evaporation at plant level, creating lower ambient air temperature and improved photovoltaic cell efficiency.

D | Hedge-a-Matic partitions by Greenscreen

The Hedge-a-Matic line features modular combinations of planters with screen variations addressing the need for unique site amenity options. Adaptability is unlimited because there are three planter shapes; rectangular, curved-rectangle and square, with two screen height variations making the total height either 42" or 58" tall. Planters can also be ordered without screens to add to the possibilities.

Offered in 21 colors and four trellis screen colors, the durable planters provide a solution for both interior and exterior applications.

The Hedge-a-Matic series is designed to function as a landscape screen for creating spaces, privacy or accenting your landscape and can cost effectively be customized for restaurants, patios, pool decks, shopping centers, balconies, entries, rooftop gardens; practically any area where you want to add a vertical flowering display. Popular with designers and consumers alike, as they are equally at home in condos, apartments and townhomes as larger commercial spaces.

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