The orchid inspired Visitor Centre at Van Dusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver is a benchmark in the design and construction of living buildings. Architek was instrumental in making this inspired design into a living, breathing...

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Architek's Living Architecture Products 

Architek represents numerous best-in-class living architecture products. Everything we sell has a reputation for living up to its claims, and thereby deliver the cost-to-benefit ROI you expect.


All our products deliver excellent value and lifespan when installed and maintained properly. Architek also offers design assistance and detailed blue-prints when needed. We will also provide installation guidance if we are just supplying the product.


Architek offers installation services for all of our living architecture products. Our installations follow the manufacturer's recommendations, so you can be assured it is done right. We also verify that all materials and plants are well suited to the requirements. For example, we never substitute cheap "landscaping material" in place of the high-performance soils and materials necessary to keep your project healthy over the long-term.


Whether we just supply or also do the installation, Architek offers maintenance programs and warranties for most living architecture products. These programs are a cost-effective way to ensure that you get the maximum lifespan, enjoyment and value from your investment.

Green Roof Systems

Architek works with Zinco Canada and Soprema Soprature green roof build-up systems. This combination provides the most comprehensive and assured green roof solutions for our clients. Together with these partners, Architek is capable of handling any architectural situation from extensive green roofs on simple flat roofs, sloped roofs - both gentle and extreme as well as the most elaborate intensive roof top gardens and landscaping.

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Vertical Gardens / Living Walls

Architek works with both hydroponic and soil based living wall systems in addition to an extremely well-engineered living retaining wall system.

Sage Vertical Gardens offers a sustainable high performance and versatile hydroponic modular living wall system using high performance rock wool.

ModuloGreen is a soil based, trough-style living wall system using flexible flat and curved modules for wall and column applications.

Smart Slope is a patented living retaing wall system that is engineered to retain soil for terracing yet provides planting cavities resulting in a vibrant living wall which is far more desirable than simple concrete or block.

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Green Facades

Architek provides two options for green faced trellis systems: greenscreen trellis panels and Jakob rope systems. These two systems are visually quite different in design and appearance however both provide support for climbing plant life for exterior and interior spaces.

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Green Technology Integration

The integration of complimentary technologies in Living Buildings greatly enhances the buildings sustianability, energy conserving performance and reduces carbon footprint. We are pleased to provide both product technologies and ideas on how to integrate these technologies and will be updating this section as new integratable products become available.

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Accessories & Related Products

Architek provides a variety of accessory products that support living buildings and living architecture. From beautiful large scale, light weight planters for roof tops and patios, to ballasted solar panel racking systems that require no membrane or building envelope penetration to portable living greenscreen hedg-o-matic privacy and space dividers to our Newest Product Line: Jakob stainless steel architectural hardware.

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