Design. Install. Maintain. | The Architek Approach

Architek provides design support, installation and maintenance for most current types of living architecture systems.

Our approach is to work with design authorities; architects, landscape architects, consultants in choosing and specifying the highest performance system that is also the most cost effective and suitable for the architectural circumstance.


We provide all of the necessary specification details and system templates to ensure that the build-up system scope is clear.


We then work, through our green roof system partners, to provide contractors with materials plus installation supervision or provide installation proposals directly ourselves.


Architek encourages end-users and building managers to employ a simple maintenance program to insure the green roof does not just survive but thrives and flourishes - Hence, we offer post-installation maintenance and warranties for all of the green roof systems we design, supply or install.

Buildings That Live | part of a natural urban ecosystem

Architek's integrated green technologies improve both working & living environment + overall building value.

A | Green Roof

Increased roof life span, thermal conservation, stormwater mitigation, urban cooling and acoustic buffering

B | Rainwater

Management Reservoir systems for rainwater collection filter water and re-circulate throughout the building.

Enhances building cooling, reduces or eliminates HVAC power costs and reduces draw on municipal water supply.

Provides irrigation for green roofs and living walls or facades.

Provides circulating water source for radiant floor & ceiling systems.

Stored water can be designed in as a tuned mass damper for earthquake mitigation.

C | PV Solar Panels

Solar power provides energy from green roof for pumps when required to irrigate green roof and circulate radiant floor or ceiling system

Reduces interior temperature and shades the floor and ceiling slab in direct sun, providing further thermal conservation

D | Living Wall & Living Facade

Increased thermal conservation, stormwater management, urban cooling and acoustic buffering

Architek Warranty | Life Insurance for Living Buildings

Warranty Information

Architek provides a full warranty on systems installed and maintained by us or one of our trusted installation partners.

Plant Care Warranty

Our Architek Green Assurrance Warranty offers comprehensive protection for many of the systems that we supply or install, including green roofs, green facades and vertical gardens. This warranty covers all the plant material while it is in our care as part of a maintenance program.

Product and System Warranties

Architek facilitate system & product performance warranties for most of our products, including:

  • Zinco and Soprema green roof systems,
  • Greenscreen and Jakob green facade trellis, and
  • Sage Vertical Garden living wall systems.

For warranty information specific to your project, contact us at We will provide you with specific maintenance and warranty options for your project.

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